Welcome to Fruitful Earth Farms:

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We are Ana and Abel Garcia, first generation farmers in North Florida. With industrial agricultural production (and all its shortcuts) being the norm nowadays, we wholeheartedly join those of you who care about how your food is raised, and who rather choose quality over quantity.

We believe in raising the highest quality pasture-raised beef we can produce, and doing so naturally, humanely, and using land-healing, regenerative practices. Our Angus cattle spend their entire lives on lush pastures, are never given hormones or antibiotics, and are supplemented with natural grains towards the end for great marbling. We dry-age our beef 17 to 21 days, which is no longer done in large scale because it’s time consuming and there is loss of weight during the process; but we find that this extra step takes it to the next level and results in superior tenderness and flavor.

Let us remind you what great beef tastes like!

The farmers,

Ana & Abel